Getting started with Office 365 in South Africa is simple;

There are two main ways to go about getting started with Office 365.

  • Option 1 – Go it alone and get online support / help from Microsoft
  • Option 2 – Talk to a local partner like Complexus who can advise and assist for FREE

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Option 1 – Microsoft & go it alone

Microsoft provides Office 365 customers an installable piece of software—called “Office Desktop Setup”—at no charge.  Office Desktop Setup provides many benefits, including:

  • Automatically detecting necessary updates.
  • Installing updates and components upon approval or silently from a command line.
  • Automatically configuring Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business for use with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Uninstalling itself from the client computer after running.
  • You can find and install Office Desktop Setup in your Office 365 administration center.
  • If your plan includes a subscription to Office, you will also be able to install that directly from the Office 365 administration center.
  • You can add the domain name you own to Office 365 to create domain-based email addresses. Find your domain registrar or DNS hosting provider.Compare domain management in Office 365 subscriptions.
  • Office 365 setup provides step-by-step guidance. In just a few quick steps you can sign up for Office 365, set up your organization’s domain name and add user accounts, install Office, and move your existing email to Office 365.

Sound a bit daunting?………  Try Option 2

Option 2 – Go with Complexus, a trusted local partner

  • Complexus understand the various plans and use cases (there are 8 main Office 365 Plans)
  • We will come and consult with you for FREE as you may only need one element of a Plan
  • We will understand your business, processes, people and technology needs
  • We will also consider all the gotchas and nuances that you may over look as part of a change program
  • Complexus will also advise on best practice and incremental deployment strategy
  • Developing an internet and content, migration and solution design, branding and training are all covered
  • We can then devise a support plan for you using our dedicated Office 365 Concierge Support Service
  • Complexus will be your Partner of Record for Trial to Deployment
  • We will quote you the right Plan for your business and any discounts that apply
  • Complexus will NOT sell you a plan you don’t need
  • If you are NOT suitable for a Plan or need another type of Microsoft solution, we will tell you.

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Will my trial information be transferred to my Office 365 subscription?

Yes. If you purchase Office 365 licenses for the accounts you create during your FREE trial, the information and configuration for these users’ accounts will remain intact. Once your free trial expires, you won’t be able to continue using Office 365 for free. You will have an additional 30 days to purchase Office 365 before your account information is erased. Once your trial account information has been erased, it cannot be retrieved.  Complexus can advise on this and make this an integral part of our service.

Learn more about our dedicated Office 365 Support & Plans site or call +27 8713 52942 email