POPI – Now might be a good time to start planning

If you are a company (big or small) that’s been kicking around the POPI Act during your last few Board meetings, well now might be a good time to start planning as the Information Regulator of South Africa just made its first big step with the formal approval and appointment of its key staff who start 1 December 2016 and will serve for a period of five years. They are as follows;

  • Advocate Pansy Tlakula has been appointed as Chairperson
  • Advocate Lebogang Stroom and Johannes Weapond as Full-time Members
  • Professor Tana Pistorius and Sizwe Snail Ka Mtuze as Part-time Members

Its now clear we should start to see activity around accelerating into 2017 with numerous commentators predicting May 2017 as the most probable “go live” date.

What is the Information Regulator?

Information Regulator of South Africa is being created to enforce the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act as well as PIAI (Promotion of Access to Information) Act. It has authority to investigate and fine responsible parties for breaches of the POPI Act. It reports to Parliament. As of the 7th September 2016, the South African National Assembly voted in favour of the appointment of the Information Regulator for POPI and PAIA and Parliament voted for the five nominated candidates to run the newly-formed office of the Information Regulator, who have now been approved.

What should I do about POPI?

Given the above recent developments and factoring the one-year grace period, means May 2018 should be targeted as the period companies now need to work towards full compliance. Whilst this may change, the approval of staff for the Information Regulator and 1st December 2016 start date is a key development and companies should now start to begin the process (if not already) of devising their POPI strategy, appointing officers and begin the process of auditing for compliance gaps and associated corrective actions. If you have not done so already, it would be prudent to begin devoting effort to your compliance strategy now.

Is there an easy way to check how POPI compliant we are?

The Act applies to ALL companies in South Africa. In response to this this, Complexus developed POPICheck, an App that audits, reports, corrects & tracks your compliance all in one conveneint place. POPICheck is a SharePoint App that plugs into your existing SharePoint or Office 365 platform and allows you to rapidly perform an audit and generate corrective actions for improving your compliance with POPI. We also offer a cost effective hosted POPI check service for clients who do not have SharePoint or Office 365.

What are the benefits of POPICheck?

  • Kick starts your journey towards POPI compliance
  • Ease of deployment with minimal training
  • Plain English, easy to follow assessments
  • 60 minutes to complete one audit and generate your initial gap analysis report
  • Assess multiple departments across your Enterprise in one easy to use interface
  • Single point of truth across your enterprise
  • Concise summary reports help shape decisions using prioritized corrective actions
  • Best practice built in, so reduces reliance on external consultants
  • Works with SharePoint, O365 with optional low cost hosted service
  • Utilise our POPI Subject Matter Experts to help ensure POPI compliance success

Join our POPICheck Webinar & secure a FREE POPI consultation

To help you navigate the Act and kick start your POPI Compliance journey, Complexus have been running a monthly webinar series that approaches the Act and self assessment in easy to digest chunks. Sign up below and secure a FREE consultation.



  • How to track progress towards POPI compliance across 4 key paradigms (Policy & Strategy, Lifecycle & Process, Security and People)
  • Identify gaps and areas for improving the organisation’s needs to achieve POPI compliance
  • Generate prioritised corrective actions to improve POPI compliance success
  • Generate date and time stamped audit reports in PDF format
  • See how you can collaborate and assess your POPI initiative using multiple users, departments and locations giving you one dashboard view.
  • POPI advisory support packages from our qualified Information Practitioners
  • Qualify for our POPICheck offer bundles

Who should attend this webinar? 

Designated POPI Managers & Information Management Deputies, Internal Legal Counsel, Governance, Risk & Compliance Practitioners, CxO and SMB Business Owners.

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