The “Change Challenge” – A desire to baseline Enterprise Readiness

Complexus Pty Ltd has grown to become an established SharePoint solutions provider with a reputation for innovation in the Enterprise Collaboration & SharePoint market.  In 2014, Complexus entered into a partnership with Bestoutcome that specializes in complex Program & Change Management services for large organizations. The goal of the partnership was simple, how can we help the Enterprise of today better manage change and steer programs & projects towards successful outcomes, more often?  Fundamentally, we wanted to conduct basic analysis of just how “Ready” organizations are for major change & thus the Change Challenge was born.

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Gathering the data

To achieve our goal, Complexus conducted an assessment in our local market of South Africa with 100 respondents.  The research was performed using our best practice SharePoint App, ReadinessPoint.  The App asks a series of best practice questions to assess organisational, people, process & technology readiness for any given change program in the Enterprise.  It then rates the readiness of the program under strutiny and offers a set of prioritized corrective actions and a (date / time stamped) report the end user can implement to steer the program back on track.

Products-Test-1The Results

The results of the Change Challenge offered a remarkable set of findings.  Results from a similar study recently conducted in the UK at the Spring Project Challenge Show by Bestoutcome Ltd revealed a similar set of findings.

change challenge resultsSo what does this all mean?

By using a simple tool like ReadinessPoint, a PMO / Change Manager, IT Manager or CxO can consistently ask a set of best practice questions that get to the heart of the health of your change program, namely; are our processes, organization, technology and people ready for this change?  These assessments are lightweight but insightful and can be run in a consistent fashion across the entire Enterprise from a single platform – SharePoint.  Auditable reports and knowledge sharing across relevant stakeholders  is easily achieved and a single point of truth on the readiness of the change program / project can be achieved prior to the project starting or during the life of the project.  These assessments can save time and money and help the Enterprise take decisive corrective action much earlier in the project lifecycle.

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ReadinessPoint forms part of the ground breaking new SharePoint App suite, Outcome Manager that plugs into the existing SharePoint platform and provides a common place to asses readiness, consider project outcome risk and measure capability maturity.

About Complexus

Complexus is an established Microsoft Gold SharePoint consultancy operating out of Cape Town & Johannesburg. Complexus has grown to become a leading SharePoint solutions provider with a reputation for innovation in Enterprise Collaboration, Productivity, Strategy Advisory, Managed Services & SharePoint App development.  The Complexus Product and Service portfolio is aimed at organisations seeking to collaborate more effectively and gain a greater return on their investment in the Microsoft SharePoint & O365 platforms.  Complexus is a member of the prestigious Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint Partner Program and routinely offers thought leadership and insights at local & international community events. | +27 8713 52942