Program Failure – You have heard it all before ….Right?

I have been in the technology industry in one form or another for 20 years and no matter how many case study books that seem to get published and no matter how qualified we all become as practitioners, the level of failure and sub-optimal program delivery in IT change programs seems to be a continuum that never ends.  So in 2014 we started a Partnership with one of Europe’s Leading Change & Program Management firms, Bestoutcome where we met a group of kindred spirits who, like us, want to help clients succeed in the delivery of large scale change programs whilst improving business processes to achieve a more mature enterprise.

program failure

“So what” I hear you say, “we’re getting better….Right”?

Before I started out as a project manager and now business owner, I was an analytical chemist.  I had a lot more hair back then but my thesis was based on improving measurements by ironing out bias, imprecision and inaccuracy in the sampling and measurement process. In the research of current techniques (then) it was interesting to see that we were pioneering in a field ripe for improvement and the same can be said for Program Management today as the stats available paint a far from happy picture:

  • Enterprise IT project failure costs business ~$3trn globally
  • 70% of business change implementations have sub-optimized results
  • 1 in 5 corporations struggle to manage change
  • Poor understanding of the long term benefits of maturity planning

OK – So can we be more pre-emptive to minimise failure?

There are no silver bullets and good practitioners following best practice in an organisation that supports them is always fundamentally key.  However, CIOs and PMOs of today are being asked to deliver even more, with less, in a shorter timescale, with greater reliability and consistency across the board.  They need to be “agile” in how they operate and execute with certainty whilst minimising failure.  What if we can pre-empt failure before it starts and what if we could do this in a more agile and consistent manner using a platform most companies already have access to i.e. SharePoint?

Outcome Manager for SharePoint aims to address this issue

outcome manager
We launched Outcome Manager for SharePoint in Q2 2015 to offer this very capability to our clients.  Thus far a multitude of people from various sectors have conducted project & program assessments using our SharePoint Apps and the results have been remarkable with one delegate at the recent UK Project Challenge event remarking “you have made me really happy, this is a tool that would really help me in my organisation” .

outcome manager lifecycle
Outcome Manager for SharePoint offers end users and practitioners three best practice SharePoint Apps that address three fundamental questions.  These assessments can save time and money and help the Enterprise take decisive corrective action much earlier in the project lifecycle.


  • Low cost / low complexity assessment techniques with minimal training
  • Consumer ease of use Apps solving an Enterprise need
  • Engenders meaning & purpose with all change & delivery stakeholders
  • Install as a SharePoint App from App catalogue in minutes
  • The Enterprise manages change in one location using SharePoint
  • Can be used across the entire Enterprise for any project
  • Helps end users identify problems quicker & earlier in project lifecycle
  • Aligns with common project, change & maturity methodologies
  • Helps achieve successful change outcomes with greater consistency

If you are a CxO, PMO / Project Leader, IT Manager, Change Practitioner, Continuous Improvement Manager or Head Office Strategy stakeholder talk to us about how we can help your organisation prevent program failure before it happens.  The Apps are available from the Complexus Microsoft App Store . The Apps are priced on a per user and site licence basis and we also offer hosted subscription options via O365 SharePoint Online.

About Complexus

Complexus is an established Microsoft Gold SharePoint consultancy operating out of Cape Town & Johannesburg. Complexus has grown to become a leading SharePoint solutions provider with a reputation for innovation in Enterprise Collaboration, Productivity, Strategy Advisory, Managed Services & SharePoint App development.  The Complexus Product and Service portfolio is aimed at organisations seeking to collaborate more effectively and gain a greater return on their investment in the Microsoft SharePoint & O365 platforms.  Complexus is a member of the prestigious Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint Partner Program and routinely offers thought leadership and insights at local & international community events. | +27 8713 52942