Digital Change – Are you drinking from the fire hose?

The speed and volume of technology based change in today’s digital Enterprise is faster and larger than ever before. According to the 2014 PMI Pulse report, organisational change continues to be a challenge for the vast majority of businesses, with only only one in five organizations reporting highly effective change management.

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As business leaders embark on Enterprise and systems transformation the pressure for these projects to succeed and for investments to show a positive ROI increases year on year. With 70% of major change implementations yielding sub-optimized results and the average time taken to develop mature business capabilities exceeding 5+ years, how can the transformational CIO / PMO of today deliver a successful change program on a finite budget in an ever more complex information & collaboration landscape?

The “Change Challenge” – Lessons from the field

In 2014 Complexus conducted an assessment in our local market of South Africa with 100 respondents. The research was performed using our best practice SharePoint App, ReadinessPoint. The App asks a series of questions to assess organisational, people, process & technology readiness for any given change program in the Enterprise. The results presented a remarkable set of findings:

  • 60% had challenged or highly challenged projects
  • 13% were recommended to stop their change project
  • Poor process readiness scored highest as the most common issue
  • Survey results matched closely to the respondents own experience
  • Only 10% had any form of maturity plan in place
  • Provide the CxO / PMO / Change Practitioner with something new

“These results were a real eye opener to us” said Marc Lenferna, Co-founder at Complexus and Director of Consulting Services. “In helping our clients with major collaboration change programs based around SharePoint, we hit upon the idea of providing Enterprise change practitioners & business leaders with a simple set of best practice tools to help them get to grips with this complex dilemma and that’s when we started to work on Outcome Manager”

Outcome Manager – The BIG Idea

Outcome Manager comprises 3 simple SharePoint Apps that plug into the client’s existing platform and provides them with a common place to asses readiness, consider outcome risk and measure capability maturity. Nick Bradshaw, Co-founder at Complexus and Director of Client & Partner Engagement said, “The business CxO, PMO Manager and Change Practitioners of today are asking 3 fundamental questions”

  • Are we ready for this change?
  • Will the right outcome be achieved?
  • Has the Enterprise improved?

outcome manager lifecycle

Outcome Manager helps the Enterprise answer these 3 digital change questions;

  1. ReadinessPoint – Assesses change readiness
  2. RiskPoint – Assesses risk of achieving desired outcome
  3. MaturityPoint – Benchmarks and measures capability maturity

Bradshaw concluded, “We can now offer our clients 3 best practice Apps that plug into SharePoint and allow the end user to assess these aspects of their change program and gain real insights, audit reports and corrective actions that help steer the program towards success in a highly cost effective manner”.

Benefits of using Outcome Manager

  • Consumer ease of use Apps solving an Enterprise scale problem
  • Ease of deployment via existing SharePoint platform
  • The Enterprise manages change in one location
  • Provides cross Enterprise collaboration & knowledge sharing
  • Technology and change agnostic
  • Easy to read RAG dials, reports, actions & dashboards
  • Helps end users identify problems quickly & earlier in lifecycle
  • Aligns with common project & change management methodologies
  • Helps steer projects towards achieving successful outcomes

Leveraging SharePoint & Office 365

Office365SharePointLogoThe Apps deploy to SharePoint 2013 / 2016 on-premise or via SharePoint Online (O365) and are responsive & mobile friendly. If you are CxO, PMO Leader, ICT Manager, Continuous Improvement or Change Practitioner contact us today to discuss how we can help you get to grips with your digital change program and help you achieve successful project outcomes more often, more consistently and with a higher ROI.  Outcome Manager SharePoint Apps are available for trial and purchase at the Microsoft App Store.

About Complexus

Complexus is an established Microsoft Gold SharePoint consultancy operating out of Cape Town & Johannesburg. Complexus has grown to become a leading SharePoint solutions provider with a reputation for innovation in Enterprise Collaboration, Productivity, Strategy Advisory, Managed Services & SharePoint App development. The Complexus Product and Service portfolio is aimed at organisations seeking to collaborate more effectively and gain a greater return on their investment in the Microsoft SharePoint & O365 platforms. Complexus is a member of the prestigious Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint Partner Program and routinely offers thought leadership and insights at local & international community events. | +27 8713 52942